The Real You


You were forged by the universe – in the depths of the stars. Over thirteen billion years of energy expanding outward, galaxies forming, particles shaping and life evolving led to your momentarily manifested physical self of skin, flesh and bones. A look in the mirror will behold the origins of self, of the universe and existence; a look in the mirror will ultimately behold just how miraculous your existence really is. As the utter culmination and manifestation of life and the universe itself, one should be noble for they are made of stars; one should be brave for they are made of time; and one should be hopeful for they are made of light. Your life is but a precious fleeting drop in an ocean of eternity, and everything ever in the universe, and every step you ever took in your life, led to you reading these words right here, right now. So as spectacular, concentrated balls of energy and wonder, let’s engage as human beings – and let’s move on to the fact of freedom which led you to these words…

Let’s move on to the fact that you are not a puppet. You are not a tool on some strings to a higher master that controls your whole life but you are, in actual fact, a complex being – the most complex in fact ever to come out of this thing we call planet earth. You didn’t come into this world; you came out of it. Like a wave comes out of an ocean, you came out of it from billions of years of universal creation and millions of years of evolution – just like the product and grand thesis of a master scientist toiling for an unfathomable eternity of time. A brief exploration of your body will show you that you learnt to do the best things in life all by yourself. No one taught you to walk; no one taught you to run; no one taught to grow; one taught you to speak; no one taught you to laugh or to smile – all of these things came natural; the same way blossoming and growth of flowers come natural to flowers as the sun meets their leaves and water graces their roots. You are a magnificent journey and exploration yourself – free in the wind, growing all by yourself and – in every available moment – turning toward the sun.

But, in the glory of it all, there are forces out there that oppose your natural self. There are forces out there that wish to take away your dance, to hinder your run, to slow your run, to guard your mouth, to prevent your growth and propose that your whole existence is to live with dogma – the results of other people’s thinking. There are those out there, who, if one is not careful, can leave a human being living as a puppet for a ruler being in their momentarily life here in this universe. And so you have to remember – The Real You. The real you who knows what it is like to be joyous, to love, to explore, to build, to create and interact with your fellow spectacles of nature we call each other; the real you who as a child was not afraid to grow, to stare, to question, to wonder and wander through space and time; the real you who has their passion, has their voice and still has their child-like awe when they gaze up into the stars at night. The real, deep down within, you.

Whatever country you are from, whatever political system or economic doctrine that governs you, whichever people that affect your life and the things that matter to you, one has to remember every now and again to look up to the stars and remember what it is that their life and inner-child represents in this chaotic world. With a sense of humility in the knowledge that we are on a tiny rock in a never-ending sea of space, you must look in the mirror, be bold and remember what it was like to play as a child. To be free and be stupid; to be hungry and be foolish. Remember what it is that deep down within truly makes you tick. Maybe it’s family, maybe it’s adventure, maybe it’s your talent – whatever it truly is will come hurtling back to those two things that makes all the chaos worth it – passion and love. These powerful forces that reverberate through your thoughts, feelings, emotions and movement; the forces that are all engineered by you in correspondence to nature – not a master puppeteer that seeks you control your existence.

So in times of chaos and confusion – remember the real you. Remember the real you is not a puppet on a string taught to hate and to fear by external forces, but is the one who got up from crawling on the ground and learnt to stand on two feet by yourself; remember the real you who fell over and hurt themselves countless times on the hard tarmac while learning to run; remember the real you who used their senses and inquisitive awe to observe sound and people while learning to speak unparalleled complex languages; and remember the real you: the child that – through all the toils and chaos of society – longs to dance amongst the stars..


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