Hey, I’m Ryan 

Here you can find the writings, philosophy, poetry, travel diaries and general musings of a conscious space-monkey riding the storm of life on planet earth. As is evident, it fulfils me to write about all manner of things, so I thought I’d create a singular space where I can display all of my ventures into the world of writing in the battle to stay sane venting the thoughts from my noisy mind.

For me it is important that we all create content as much as we consume it, and I think the majority of human organisms each have their own individual creative outlet in order to achieve this. Personally my outlet is putting pen to paper – so to speak. As my first love was music, I would have liked to be a rock star on a stage in front of thousands or something like that, but instead my instruments of words, grammar and syntax will have to roar out loud from the stage of this blog for now. At least until I learn how to sing..

Anyway, enjoy the blog, and enjoy life. Live wild, live free. Peace.




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