Security is a dangerous thing.


It is a dance with death:

a journey into desert lands to find rumoured treasure.

But it is illusive; floating like a mirage,

leading you on into nothingness.

Because the more one constantly chases security,

the less one lives in the process,

and the less effective any real security can ultimately be.

Those with the most security have the least life to protect;

and those with the most life have the greater need for security.

But there is no middle way.


Security prevents life; it corrupts it

– it seals it away.

Security can be bulky steel locks.

An electric fence perimeter.

An avoidance of others’ opinions.

A decision to not visit somewhere.

A double-barrel shotgun under the bed.


Security can also be hatred.

It can be found in treachery and ignorance.

Racism. Fascism. Sexism.

Security is a state of mind;

putting up bars between the psyche and the world;

an immovable rock between the eyes,

hiding any inconvenient penetrating truths.


Show me the most secure people in the world and I

will show you the poorness of banality and fear.

Show me the least secure people in the world and I

will show you the riches of fire and soul.



In Too Deep

In Too Deep

I walk this urban jungle
and I see people so lost
wandering through life
desperate and depraved
clinging onto lottery tickets
and shopping bags
and briefcases
and beer bottles
looking for the way out

I see people so lost
stuck in a movie they never asked to star in
working for causes they don’t believe in
trapped in lives they never imagined
a life where the tramp and lawyer
wear the same frown

I see souls starving and dying
behind counters
behind desks
behind smartphones
behind newspapers
behind steering wheels
mothers, fathers,
bus drivers

people so lost
in too deep
drowning in traffic jams
while turning the radio louder
and louder
to escape the reality

that kills us all

The Secret Killers

The Secret Killers

I see them everyday
out walking the streets, smiling
unchained, untouched

their greatest crime hidden
in a heavy hand on a shoulder
a judgemental stare
the moment that they told her

“it’s time to grow up,
it’s time to join the real world,
we only want what’s best for you”

They are the killers
the murderers of dreams
the mutilators of spirit
the destroyers of all things good

they are the ones
fucking and spawning
fragile beings
into a dangerous world
to make them chase security
and normality
and to merely exist
in a living prison
where dreams rot

behind a television

Post-College Rebellion

Post-College Rebellion

So I finally arrived but the businessmen say the journey has just begun;
twenty years of transitional education to be bottom facing the gun.
With a loss of direction I lament the system and nation;
for what use is any knowledge – without imagination?

And I got that post-college rebellion rushing through my veins,
spewing out my mouth and flowing down the drain.
I got post-college rebellion bleeding from my eyes,
dripping onto newspapers as I read the daily lies.
I got post-college rebellion striking computer keys,
searching for an escape with a backpack overseas;
post-college rebellion and I look up to the skies and plea:
is there more to life than this – is there something more for me?

‘cause I know there are forces out there that want to put me in a box,
to kneel down faithfully and kiss the finger of the man;
to place me into a cubicle where nobody ever knocks,
and dress up nicely – a component of society with a plan.

Yeah maybe one day I’ll be more conservative,
and chase the money and the power, and build a castle to live.
But now I gotta do the things that fan the flames of my desire,
the ones that kill this twitch inside and set my soul on fire.

That’s why I got post-college rebellion burning up my skin,
igniting my anxiety and turning my flesh thin.
I got post-college rebellion choking me like dust,
got me spitting out the mediocrity of this decaying social rust.
I got post-college rebellion wandering into the wild;
got me sleeping on the floor and playing like a child;
post-college rebellion and I look up to the stars and plea:

is there more to life than this – is there something more for me?

Waiting For It

Waiting For It

I see it in the eyes of
elderly men
consternation and horror
as they count down their last
a lost glare shows the void
is calling them

I see it in the eyes of
lonely women
washing the dishes
as they watch the clouds pass
a lost glare shows the void
is calling them

I see it in the eyes of
a man drinking gin
desperation and fear
as he clings onto a glass
a long stare shows the void
is calling him

I see it in the eyes
the fearful eyes
toiling with trivia
passing the days
passing the years
as bodies decay
and minds decay
and eyes finally close

to the dark of death

Pushing Prams

Pushing Prams

Here she comes
Pushing a pram
Sweating profusely, red-faced
Transporting her little
Bundle of joy

All the strain and all the pain
To coax another oxygen breather
Into temporary existence
Into a dangerous world
That doesn’t care

Another employee
Another taxpayer
Another car in a traffic jam
And another one to also
Push a pram
When they grow up
And replicate

Here she comes
Pushing in a pram in pain
The universal struggle
The human urge
To create life
To achieve immortality

And push prams

How To Vaccinate Yourself Against Small-Mindedness

Do you ever find yourself getting angry about trivial things? Or thinking the entire universe was undeniably created for the use of humans? Or that your current culture is the only way humans have ever lived? Or that your ethnicity, gender or social class is paramount over all others? If you answer yes to these things then it may well be that you have contracted the most common condition to infiltrate the psyche of all homo-sapiens – small mindedness.

It is estimated that more than three in every five people unknowingly suffer from the condition which spreads rapidly when those affected congregate together. Unaware that they suffer from the condition, the sufferers will continue on a downward spiral into the psyche of their minds as they unknowingly construct a psychological cage. The condition is easily contracted and often exacerbated by exposure to common causes such as trashy television, bias media coverage, institutional religions and a lack of education and interaction with the wider world.

Small-mindedness is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces on the path to become a logical, rational and sane species. Scientists are working around the clock to try to cure this insidious and troublesome condition, but until then here are some common ways you can vaccinate yourself from this cancer of the mind.



Just look on any clear night and you can empirically see it with your very own eyes: a universal painting and firework display of thousands and thousands of burning balls of gas from million of light years away in an infinite universe. You do not have to be an astronomer or have a degree in astrophysics to appreciate such a spectacle – just look up and marvel. As you begin to appreciate how utterly tiny and insignificant we are as a species in the grand scheme of the universe, you will naturally begin to acquire a sense of calmness and humility – two of the best vaccines around against the egotistical condition of small-mindedness.



Although people born in rich countries will often have considerably more opportunities to travel due to their economy, it can be noted that travel can even consist of a simple journey to a different region, province, state or county of our own country. As you begin to move around places, you will see how human-beings are capable of living and interacting in an array of diverse ways, habits and cultures. As you soak in the experience of this, the horizons of your mind will naturally broaden as you see that the culture you were born into isn’t the only way people experience this thing called life.

The Scientific Method


Scientific study is currently the best tool humanity has in the quest to understand the world around us. Relying on vigorous testing, empirical evidence, and peer reviews, the scientific method is a ruthless judge that relies on a theory being faultlessly proven again and again for it to be scientifically accepted. What’s more is that no ego is involved – should a much supported theory be proven wrong, the scientific world happily changes its stance in the light of new empirical evidence. The basic principle is to question and test everything – including what you are reading here. And once more, you don’t need a degree to be scientist – if you want to test your view on something, try it out for yourself! Conduct research, investigate, gather evidence and improve your own knowledge. This vaccine is readily available to all.



Any decent library should behold a collection of literary texts from all around the world, beholding centuries and centuries of different ideas, dreams and experiences. Libraries can act as portals to the many facets of the human-mind and imagination. As you begin to read up on scientific principles, sift through historical facts, study different philosophies, entertain yourself with literature from different centuries, and absorb an almost infinite stream of knowledge and ideas from throughout the entire history of humanity, naturally your brain will become substantially better at entertaining different perspectives and applying ideas. Again, another great vaccine to guard your mind with.

A Healthy Relationship with Media


Without a doubt one of the most common causes of small-mindedness is an incessant dependency on the media to construct a view of the world for you. The media is a business like any other, meaning that its key principle is to make profit for its shareholders and uphold the pyramid of organisation and ownership it supports itself with. Often this means that publications, stations and channels have a strong bias and will look to skew the window to the world so that your view of the world is beneficial to them and advertisers, rather than it being a logical and rational one. To stop this from happening, develop a healthy relationship with the media where you get your news coverage from many different publications – complement this by your doing own individual research. Don’t forget to look for non-mainstream news coverage too and question everything you read. Naturally, this will combat any threat of contracting small-mindedness from your television, radio or newspaper.

The list can go on and on, but these are common vaccines that act as a good introduction to guarding your mind from warped ideologies, lies, dogma, corruption and egotistical tendencies. The world is a dangerous place and the threat of small-mindedness lingers all around us, ready to infect our mind at any given opportunity. With a bit of effort, a bit of study, a bit of experience and a loss of ego, one can forever remain a rational and sane human-being, immune from this condition which sadly continues to affect billions world-wide. Stay safe and get protected now by using these easily-accessible vaccines!