When your eyes hit me, I am transported,
out to foreign lands, to which I’m deported;
where I trek cross-country toward the coastline,
and hitch-hike down the highways of your mind;
where I wander through wilderness with no goal,
and sleep rough on the streets of your soul.
And each day when I watch the setting of sun,
I don’t care where I’m going, or where I came from;
‘cause when you look at me, I become the gypsy one,
happily lost in your world, like a drifting bum.




When am I going to rise, I ask myself
as the days of emptiness drag me down
as my song is silenced by the others
and these wings stay tethered to the ground

When am I going to just let go
and release myself from a caged reality
leaving this grey prison far down below
while soaring up unconcerned with gravity

When am I going to destroy these chains
and leave them to rust as I drift above
where I rid myself of all earthly pains
and taste the air of freedom and love

Sometimes I think: today is the day
the sun will watch the caged one fly
the fearful others won’t know what to say
as wide wings dance upon heavenly sky

But as always I feel the pull of the ground
the weight of this world still holding me down
leaving me looking up toward those skies
asking myself when, oh when:

am I going to rise?

The Asylum

Hey kid! Good day! Let me help you on your way.
There’s something I’m required to say, before you check in for your stay.

First: welcome to the asylum, where we will clothe you with illusion.
Welcome to this madhouse, where you are fed with pure delusion.
We will help you go insane, just like your fathers and your mothers.
Just follow these basic rules, so you can go crazy with the others!

1) Get paid; get laid – produce more members of the state
2) Buy gear; live in fear – choose the politics of hate
3) Choose a religion; find division – no need for any proof
4) Wear a mask; lie if they ask – become the enemy of truth
5) Follow fashion; ignore your passion – conformity is the best
6) No variety; feel anxiety – avoid the judgement of the rest
7) Stress for tomorrow; save and borrow – the future is the king
8) Don’t be content; get it spent – this present moment is sickening

Yeah welcome to the asylum, within the walls of ego division.
Make yourself right at home; your cell comes with a television.
Please remember it is forbidden, to possess the nature of your self.
But make sure you have money, for your bank balance is your health!

Phew; okay.
Now that’s cleared up, we can get you checked in for your visit.
I think your cell is located just down here on the left.
You like the colour grey, right?
Oh yeah.
Just one last thing before I forget..

Smiley faces and celebrity worship! As the rulers put you through your paces!
Smiley faces and abandoned dreams! As your mind rots in office spaces!

Smiley faces and smog pollution! As you’re chatting about the weather!
Smiley faces and no solution! As you all go crazy together!

Forever! Together!
Forever! Together!


Have fun, kid.

Contrast Settings


When the colour of your life begins to dim – seek adventure. For though the world can often appear bleak in the adult way of work and survival, the open road provides moments where the greyness fades and you return to the infant-like state of seeing. Suddenly, among new sights and new smells and new possibilities, everything is again magical and mysterious. Suddenly you face the world like a wide-eyed child in an amusement park of flashing lights. Suddenly the mist of monotony clears like early morning fog, and life shines bright in brilliant colour once more.

From The Sniper’s Nest

Bleeding out on the ground – a dying, ugly mess
looking up to god as she takes her final breath
meanwhile they’re screaming for more guns;
screaming for more death
as the shots rain down from the sniper’s nest

As the destruction continues, comes the civil unrest
these rifles are fine, just pass a simple test
it’s what keeps us safe and free;
it’s what serves this country best
arm yourself to the teeth, for it could be you next

And now her eyes roll back; this world she has left
a bullet in her heart, blood streaming from her chest
and they’re still screaming for more guns;
still screaming for more death
as the shots rain down from the sniper’s nest


(written after the Las Vegas shooting 2017)

Wrong Neighbourhood

Wrong Neighbourhood

here I stand:
an alien in the dark
I’ve wandered too far
on the wrong side of the line
to a place where the people on the street
stab me with their eyes
to a place where the faces glare back
like ‘No Vacancy’ signs

and I linger here tonight
in these junkyards
of deflated hearts
and rusted minds

just lost in this world
on the wrong side of the line